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15 reviews
  • Troy Lake·

    I usually don't take the time to do reviews , this time I did. I think you should see for yourself schedule a consultation thank you Tony you really help me and I appreciate you.

  • Alexander Ligon·

    My mistake turned into to perfect timing.
    Scheduled a consultation for October but misread the date as September. I called the Meta Center to confirm some details about the consultation and guess who answered the phone? Tony decided to start the consultation right then and there. It was a very helpful talk that allowed me to stop, look, and listen to my inner voice. I really appreciated the honest feedback and guidance. The consultation was the perfect springboard to continuing the work on myself. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs clarity while on the path of transformation.

  • June·

    The consultation I received was great. It has pointed me in a better direction than what I was planning to follow and implement. Tony's advice was much more beneficial than what I received from someone else I spoke to in regards to the same situation. Thank You !!!!

  • Konrad·

    Finally timing synced up for me to have the first of many conversations with Tony! It was a great conversation, the words of advice and encouragement, along with his overall perspective. A passionate, patient, calm bredrin he is, definitely will do more calls as more things come up.

    We rarely get the opportunity to meet great genuine knowledgeable beings like this in such a messed up world of society. So I suggest we take advantage of opportunities with them while we can!

    Shalom, namaste, peace guidance protection to all.

  • Umaima·

    Mr. Vortex is such a patient gentleman. He talked to me right up until the very last minute. Second phone call with him and each time has given advice that’s helped me ground myself and come a little more into reality

  • Priestess Charlotte·

    Loved the energy, this was the 2nd appointment. Felt good to catch up and see my healing progress. Encouraging and positive insight given self realisation at the same time.
    Felt empowered and more optimistic.
    Higher vibrations feeling and loving the rays 🌞 of wisdom 😎☮💜

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